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4.2. Молочная продукция

Dairy Products


Being mindful of their health, consumers ask these questions:

"Which company made this product?",

"Where is it produced?",

"How is it different from other similar products?" 


The benefits of choosing ‘Domashenka’ dairy products by Agricultural JSC “Belorechenskoye”:

- the company owns 16 500 heads of cattle, including 7 200 milking cows (as of 2022);

- 18 commercial dairy farms are located in the foothills of the Eastern Sayan Mountains, a pristine place where many rivers of the Irkutsk Priangarie region take their rise;

- the company’s own fodder supply allows to make a full balanced feeding in terms of nutritional value for all age groups of cows;

- a special programme for controlling the quality of fodder, maintenance and animal health has been developed and implemented;

- from a cow to a mug of milk all processes are automated and mechanized with the latest technologies, which eliminates the contact of the product with the hands of the employee and the external environment;

- quality control is carried out at all stages, from production at a dairy farm, processing, packaging to a sales counter;

- additionally, to confirm the safety of raw materials and finished products, tests are carried out both in our own certified production laboratories and in independent laboratories in Irkutsk and other regions of the Russian Federation;

- dairy products are packaged in different consumer containers, each package is labelled with the ‘Belorechye’ company’s logo, Data Matrix code of the Chestny Znak system (Russian: sign of honesty, reliability), which is known and appreciated as a quality guarantor of the local producer;

- dairy products meet the requirements of Technical Regulation of the Customs Union “On Safety of Milk and Dairy Products” (TR TS 033/2013). Dairy products are subject to mandatory declaration and certification, which ensures product safety and protects consumers from counterfeiting.



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