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4.4. Овощеводство

Vegetable Production

Mother Nature brings gifts, heals, protects, pleases the heart. At all times her life-giving power has delighted people. Warmed by the sun, illuminated by the bright moon, a clear star and evening dawn - she is sacred and blessed.

Flowers, herbs and fruits decorate her summer, the time of miracles, when from a small seed grows a fruit, absorbing a part of this gracious power of life, when everything lives, blooms and triumphs.

Skillful hard-working people live on our land, blessed are their labour and deeds. With care and love they grow an excellent harvest. For every table, for every holiday, for urban and rural residents - vegetables are a meal that has become a tradition all year round!

Soil composition is directly related to the environment. Numerous fields of Agricultural JSC “Belorechenskoe” are located in pristine areas in the foothills of the Eastern Sayan Mountains in the taiga zone of Siberia.

Poultry manure, BioHumus organic fertiliser, cattle manure are used as the main fertilisers to increase soil fertility.

The raw material base of Agricultural JSC “Belorechenskoye” is excellent for growing organic vegetables and potatoes.

The enterprise, on the initiative of the General Director Gavriil S. Frantenko, has successfully mastered the production and storage of potatoes, carrots, beetroot, onions, cabbage by a Dutch technology. Specialists from Holland consult our staff.

This technology piqued the interest of scientists and practitioners in Russia as economical, high-yielding, with minimal use of drugs to control plant diseases, pests and weeds. Root crops are crops of loose soils, and air and water must flow freely to the tubers. The basis of this Dutch technology is a set of agronomic techniques. To work the soil and create a ‘hill’, rotary tools with active working parts are used, the soil becomes very loose, and the ‘hill’ gives the plant the opportunity to preserve the moisture and form tubers up to 22 pieces per unit of seed.

Since the Dutch cultivation technology is based on the creation of rapid growth and development of plants, it makes it possible to harvest root crops relatively early, which prevents them from being infected with various diseases. Before harvesting the root crops from the field - the haulm is removed, the root crops are left in the soil for another 10-12 days, depending on the purpose and variety. This contributes to their better ripening, rapid formation of a strong skin, which reduces mechanical damage and provides long-term storage of root crops.

Taking into account market needs, a new technology for pre-sale preparation of potatoes and vegetables has been introduced. It includes washing, packing in nets from 1.5 to 30 kg.

In 1998, the first onions were grown on the fields of Agricultural JSC “Belorechenskoye” using a Dutch technology. Seeds are sown into the soil with the help of a precision sowing machine. And a full-fledged bulb grows out of a seed. Our enterprise is the only one from the Urals to the Far East that uses this technology.

Three varieties of onions are grown: white, red and yellow - for long-term storage. In 1999 our enterprise mastered the production of carrots.

We grow cabbage seedlings in our own greenhouses. Cabbage is the fastest maturing hybrid. It quickly forms a dense cabbagehead and retains marketability in the field. We grow white cabbage of early and late varieties.

The technology of storage of vegetables and potatoes at our enterprise allows us to supply always fresh vegetables and potatoes to the market for 10 months of the year. After all, scientists say that crops grown in the climatic zone of human habitation are very healthy.

Our vegetables are sold under the ‘Letnitsa’ trade mark - gifts of the Siberian land all year round!


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