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4.7. Сэнгвич панель ППУ

PUR Sandwich Panels

Advantages of flame-retardant polyurethane sandwich panels:

  • Polyurethane foam (PUR) is the market leader in energy efficient fillers. It has excellent thermal insulation characteristics, low weight, excellent adhesion to external sheets, high chemical and thermal resistance.
  • Flame retardants improve the fire resistance of the panels.
  • Low thermal conductivity and weight allow to use sandwich panels of smaller thickness, to make lightweight foundations and metal structures.
  • Low density and absence of cold bridges gives a high degree of comfort in any climate.
  • High strength characteristics due to high adhesion to facings and stiffer foam structure.
  • They are biologically neutral material, resistant to microorganisms, rotting, rodents; they do not affect human physiology.
  • Resistant to moisture and aggressive (acidic and alkaline) environments.
  • Do not support combustion due to the closed-porous fine-cellular structure of the insulation.
  • Durability - the service life of PUR/PIR panels is practically unlimited.
  • Pre-fabs.


Areas of application:

  • industrial and civil facilities;
  • industrial and administrative buildings;
  • shopping malls, centres, indoor markets, shops and supermarkets;
  • medical and pharmaceutical facilities;
  • buildings of airports, hangars, terminals;
  • agricultural plants (cowsheds, pig farms, poultry houses, etc.);
  • exhibition, sports and concert centres; swimming pools;
  • refrigerating and freezing chambers, warehouses;
  • warehouse terminals, service stations, repair areas, car parks, petrol stations, car washes, as well as other pre-fabricated and mobile buildings.


Polyurethane foam structures do not lose their thermal insulation and strength properties during operation at temperatures from -55 ºС to +110 ºС.

Exterior lining of the panels, galvanised steel with RAL coatings. At the customer's request, stainless steel or aluminium sheet. Panels do not require additional finishing and give the building an upmarket, modern look.

Roof panels, wall panels

One type of joints.

Thickness of manufactured panels in mm: 60; 80; 100; 120; 150.

Panel dimensions: assembly width 1000 mm; length 1000-9000 mm.

"Comparative graph of thermal conductivity of some materials" (graph on the website)


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