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Export. For Partners.

Dear partners!


Agricultural Joint Stock Company “Belorechenskoye” is the leading agricultural enterprise in the Irkutsk region. It accounts for 35% of the output of agricultural enterprises in the region.

One of the important advantages is the geographical location of the enterprise in the ecological zone near Lake Baikal. This territory is additionally controlled by the state.

The enterprise has a closed production cycle from the field to the counter:

- all processes are automated and mechanized by the latest technologies, which allows to exclude the contact of the product with the hands of the employee and the external environment;

- quality control is carried out at all stages from production, processing, packaging, logistics to the sales counter;

- additionally, to confirm the safety of raw materials and finished products, tests are carried out both in our own certified production laboratories and in independent laboratories in Irkutsk and other regions of the Russian Federation.

Agricultural JSC “Belorechenskoye” is a reliable partner in the domestic market of the Russian Federation and for partners from abroad.  

In 1999 the first contract was concluded with the company NVC for the supply of chicken eggs for Mongolians. Now Agricultural JSC “Belorechenskoye” weekly supplies from 2.5 to 3.5 million eggs to Mongolia, as well as hatching eggs, rapeseed oil. The company also participates in realization of a large project – it helps to launch a new poultry farm with 600 thousand laying hens in Mongolia. The parties emphasize that mutually beneficial cooperation has long grown into a close friendship, which will only grow stronger in the future.

Since 2018, the enterprise has been growing rapeseed and producing rapeseed oil, for this purpose the enterprise has 18 thousand hectares of agricultural land for planting rapeseed and 17 presses in the workshop.

In 2019 Agricultural JSC “Belorechenskoe” concluded its first contract with the People’s Republic of China. Last year the Company grew 20 thousand tons of rapeseed and exported more than 8 thousand tons of rapeseed oil to China.

For questions of cooperation please call: +7-924-839-33-64.

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Dear partners!

Agricultural JSC “Belorechenskoye” invites partners from the People’s Republic of China, Mongolia and other countries to cooperate in supplying butter and skim milk powder.

Our monthly shipment capacity is:

Butter - 47 tons in 20 kg briquettes.

Skimmed milk powder - 20 tons.

Chicken table eggs - more than 15 million pieces.

Agricultural JSC “Belorechenskoye” is registered as an exporter in the Cerberus system (https://cerberus.vetrf.ru/cerberus/)  and as an importer in CIFER. Cost and delivery conditions are discussed individually.



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