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4.3. Мясная продукция

Meat Products


Agricultural Joint Stock Company “Belorechenskoye” has created the largest meat and sausage production facility in the Irkutsk Region. The vertically integrated business model includes the entire product chain: from extensive pastures and fields for growing grain and fodder crops to a high-tech slaughterhouse and deep processing of cattle and poultry meat, production of sausages and meat products. Quality control "from the field to the counter" guarantees the consumer the best product on the market, which is why our assets at ‘Belorechye’ include:


65,000 hectares of crop production land


About 1,000 tons of beef is processed annually


1.5 thousand tons of poultry meat is processed annually


4.5 thousand tons of meat is produced annually



We are proud that:


- the company has its own feedstock for producing poultry, beef, horse meat and pork;


- throughout the entire production cycle, the company's specialists control the quality of incoming raw materials and finished products;


- only natural ingredients are used in meat products, which is confirmed by short shelf life;


- we offer a wide range of meat products for different customers and different price categories;


- our meat products are of constant and stable quality;


- ‘Belorechye’ trade mark is known and trusted by consumers in our region for more than 45 years.



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