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2. История предприятия


“I see our enterprise alive and prosperous! We are ready to do everything so that people have confidence in the future.”
Gavriil Stepanovich Frantenko
Historical and socio-economic prerequisites for the establishment of Agricultural Joint Stock Company “Belorechenskoye” are conditioned by the nature of development of production forces of the Irkutsk region in the post-WWII period. The peculiarity of the region's agriculture in the 1950-1960s was the remoteness of agricultural food production centres from the places of consumption. In order to provide the residents of the towns of Usolye-Sibirskoye and Angarsk with foodstuff, in 1965 designing of an agro-industrial complex near the city of Usolye-Sibirskoye was commissioned. Its main specialisation was in the production of chicken eggs, pork and vegetables.

Stage 1

“Establishment and Development of the Enterprise”

(1967 - 1990)


The pace of construction of the enterprise was high, as evidenced by historical data:

March 1965: The decision of the Plenum of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the USSR laid the beginning of the design of an agro-industrial complex near the town of Usolye-Sibirskoye.

1967: “Sosnovskoye Special” farm was separated from the state-run farm “Maltinsky”, which was further transformed into “Sosnovskaya Poultry Farm” (the village of Sosnovka, Usolsky District), with a stock of 64 thousand laying hens, annual production of 4.91 million eggs and 139 employees.

On 15 March 1972 Gavriil Stepanovich Frantenko was appointed the head. The poultry farm produced not only commodity products, eggs and meat, but also raised chickens.

26 February 1971: The Decree of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the USSR of the Council of Ministers of the USSR № 165 “On the construction of a commercial egg-plant for 920 thousand laying hens” (design capacity) in the Usolsky District of Irkutsk region” was signed.

March 1972: Launch of construction of a new poultry farm. One more enterprise, commercial egg-plant, began to be built fifteen kilometres away from the town of Usolye-Sibirskoye. Planned volumes of the eggplant were designed for 850 thousand laying hens with annual production of 192-220 million chicken eggs. “Usolskaya” farm became the first agricultural poultry farm in Eastern Siberia working on an industrial basis. Workers from neighbouring villages, towns and cities flocked here.

1973: On the basis of the poultry farm under construction, a motor transport shop was established, consisting of 2 units of machinery. In 1988 there was a merger of the two motor pools, which allowed to improve the organisation of cargo transportation.

18 December 1974: Poultry was brought to building No. 27 of the new "Usolskaya" Poultry Farm. From that moment “Belorechenskoe” enterprise begins its glorious history.

1974: The following departments were created at the enterprise: veterinary and zootechnical services, feed shop, construction shop, energy service, engineering service, economic department, accounting department, personnel department, legal service, sales department, canteen, dispatching service, woodworking shop, safety and security service, poultry shops No. 1 and No. 2.

30 December 1974: The act of the state commission on commissioning the start-up complex with the capacity of 200 thousand laying hens was signed.  

11 February 1975: “Usolskaya” (producing eggs and chicken meat) and “Sosnovskaya” (incubating chickens and raising young stock) poultry farms were united into “Usolye-Sibirskoye” Poultry Farm with a single technological process.

March 1975: The first products for the inhabitants of Usolye-Sibirskoye and Angarsk were supplied. State reserves provided the poultry farm with mixed fodder.

In 1975 the shop management structure in poultry farming was introduced.

30 December 1975:  The act of the state commission on commissioning the start-up complex with the capacity of 350 thousand laying hens was signed.  

1975: Poultry breeding shop No. 3, slaughtering and processing shop were established.

30 December 1976: The act of the state commission on commissioning the start-up complex with the capacity of 100 thousand laying hens was signed.


28 July 1977: The act of the state commission on commissioning the start-up complex with the capacity of 111 thousand laying hens was signed.  

November 1978: Valery Ustinov became the head of the enterprise.

A new stage of “Belorechenskoye” development began in July 1980. Gavriil Frantenko was appointed director of Usolye-Sibirskoye Poultry Farm.  His many years of selfless and effective labour were repeatedly marked by state awards. Among them are the Order for “Services to the Fatherland” of III and IV degrees, the title of “Honoured Worker of Agriculture”.

01 July 1982: “Sosnovskaya” poultry farm was separated into an independent enterprise.

June 1983: A suspended rundown line of product shipment was installed at “Usolye-Sibirskoye” Poultry Farm. Poultry breeders faced the task of reducing the cost of chicken eggs by replacing seashell, which was brought from the Far East, with limestone. With the help of adding limestone to the mixture of laying hens the feed digestibility improved, the eggshell strength increased, and the main thing was to reduce the cost of the final product.

1983: At the year-end "Usolye-Sibirskoye" Poultry Farm was declared the best enterprise among similar farms of Irkutsk regional trust “Ptitseprom” (Poultry Industry).

On 26 April 1984 the production association on poultry farming with unified management was organised on the basis of three poultry farms (“Sosnovskaya”, “Usolye-Sibirskoye”, “Belorechenskoye”). From that year they were run by one team of managers.

1984: Reconstruction was carried out in the buildings and in the egg storehouse.

1985: A subsidiary farm (pigs, cattle) at “Sosnovskaya” Poultry Farm became a part of the association.

1985: Installation of L-134 poultry breeding equipment.

1986: Commissioning of a new incubator in the “Sosnovskoye” department.

1986: The “Poultry House-Shop” scheme of product sales was introduced.

1987: Introduction of electric steam generation for poultry slaughtering.

1988: Omsk-82 poultry cross was replaced by more productive P-46.

21 December 1989: A motor transport shop was put into operation.


Stage 2

“Adaptation of the Enterprise to Market Conditions”

(1990 - 1999)


1991: Analysis of fodder with the help of infrared analyser was introduced.

March 1991: A new feed shop was put into operation at “Sosnovskaya” Poultry Farm.

September 1991: Mechanised unloading of rail cars was organised.

1992: Independent retail trade was launched.

1993: Pullet houses at the “Sosnovskaya” Poultry Farm was transferred to the lighting system “Dawn-Dusk”.

02 February 1993: “Usolye-Sibirskoye” Industrial Poultry Farming Association (PBA) was transformed into Agricultural Open Joint Stock Company (AOJSC) “Belorechenskoe”.

1993: Quality Department was established.

1994: A comprehensive programme "Poultry Farm with Closed Non-Waste and Environmentally Friendly Production Cycle" was introduced. Within the framework of this programme the transition to dry litter removal was made, which completely solves the problems of ecology and environmental protection.

December 1994: An experimental site for BioHumus production was put into operation, where dry manure is processed into BioHumus with the help of Californian worms according to the vermiculture system. BioHumus is an organic fertiliser that effectively increases soil fertility and gives a yield increase of up to 40%.

1994 – 1995: Repair and Technical Enterprise (RTP) and “Sosnovsky Experimental Plant” were joined to the structure of Agricultural Joint Stock Company “Belorechenskoe”. Then Technical Engineering Shop (TES) was created. Seventy percent of cage equipment for poultry farming is produced by TES. It is a creative shop. The peculiarity of this division is that they are the developers of new innovative ideas, which help to rationally run the farm:

- a cage for keeping quails was produced and put into production;

- production of spare parts for "Evrovent" cage equipment was mastered;

- restoration and production of spare parts for agricultural machinery;

- a seeding machine "Klyon" was developed and successfully tested on the fields of Agricultural Open Joint Stock Company (AOJSC) “Belorechenskoe”.


The egg powder drying section in the egg sorting and processing shop was put into operation.

At the “Sosnovskaya: Poultry Farm, the hen houses were switched to electric heating.

At the “Usolskaya” Poultry Farm, the buildings were equipped with the “Dawn-Dusk” lighting system.

Organisation of wholesale and retail trade of company’s own products is underway.

Enterprises "Promtekhservis" and "Zavod Sosnovsky" joined the company.


The year 1996 started with the motto: “Strengthening and improvement of the existing productions and opening of new ones. This is the guarantee of economic stability and independence of the enterprise!”  

  • At the “Usolskaya” Poultry Farm, the scraper manure removal line was replaced with a more advanced belt line.
  • Workers mastered the technology of preparation of feed mixture. 
  • Fodder production shop was established, where a crushing section was put into operation. This allowed the enterprise to refuse the services of a third-party feed mill.
  • A yoghurt production shop was opened. Raw materials from "Rossiya" state-run farm (located at Cheremkhovsky district of Irkutsk region) were used for its production, while fruit and berry natural fillers were supplied from Israel. The new sour-milk product with a short shelf life was sold in nearby towns.
  • On the basis of the experimental site, the Experimental Experimental Shop was established. This shop is the originator of all new ideas and the forge of new technologies. Here production wastes are transformed into independent goods (biohumus).
  • In the autumn of 1996 we organised the work of OPCs in Irkutsk, Bratsk, Angarsk.
  • Reconstruction was carried out in shop No. 1. In 1996 all 14 poultry houses were transferred to belt poultry manure removal. Five poultry houses were reconstructed, Big Dutchman equipment was installed, which resulted in improved microclimate, increased productivity of poultry, and most importantly improved working conditions of poultry farmers.



  • The ‘P-46’ poultry cross was replaced by the most productive Dutch poultry cross ‘Hysex White’.
  • The first reconstruction of the building No. 29 was carried out and imported equipment was installed in shop No. 2.
  • The staff of the enterprise, headed by General Director Gavriil S. Frantenko, paid most careful attention to the genetic potential of the poultry. Till 1997 the farm has been working with ‘P-46’ poultry cross supplied from the "Ptitsevod" (“Poultry Breeder”) plant (the town of Bugulma, Republic of Tatarstan). But due to the 1990s crisis, scientific works on improvement of the breed of poultry had been practically stopped at the plant. Poultry breeders of our enterprise faced a serious task of choosing another breed of poultry. They decided on working with the world-famous Dutch company "Euribrid", which had been successfully engaged in breeding business for many years. The first batch of day-old chicks was brought by aeroplane directly from Holland.
  • Introduction of weight dosing of feed.
  • Introduction of protein-vitamin concentrate in poultry feeding.
  • Development of pasteurised egg production technology.

April 1997: Installation of the cage equipment by the German company “Big Dutchman” and development of cage manufacturing process by Technical Engineering Shop (TES) specialists.

June 1997: Installation of the egg sorting machine of the Dutch company ‘STAALKAT’, which had the following advantages:

  • qualitative sorting of eggs by categories;
  • increase of labour productivity, reduction of egg breakage;
  • exclusion of blood inclusions and internal notching;
  • labelling of eggs with ecologically pure food dye.

During the whole 1997 year the transition to dry belt chicken manure removal was carried out, which considerably reduced material costs for transporting manure, repairing of equipment and improved the quality of hen's eggs. With the assistance of Big Dutchman company, obsolete equipment was reconstructed in eight poultry houses. Production of cage battery KON for laying hens, production of spare parts for cage batteries KMB, KBU, KBN, KBR, component parts for battery Evrovent-500 of Big Dutchman company were mastered.

June 1997: Mastering of a Dutch technology of potato growing, the yield was 420 centners per hectare. The chief agronomist Andrey Vladimirovich Shupletsov headed the agricultural works.



In October 1998, the transition to a new highly productive cross of poultry - "Hyssex White", bred in Holland, was fully completed. The introduction of this cross allowed the company to increase the productivity of hens by 40 eggs and increase production by more than 47 million eggs per year.

In 1998 the company completely abandoned culling and slaughtering of poultry. This has resulted in more than 27 million additional eggs, with a stock wastage of just over 5 per cent.

In 1998, the International Club of Trade Leaders awarded the enterprise with the European prize "For Quality". For the first time in Russia this prize was awarded to a poultry farming enterprise and an agricultural commodity producer.

In 1998, the company produced 370 million chicken eggs. The products sold totalled 284 million rubles.

1998: The agricultural department was established. The farm was constantly experimenting, growing new varieties of agricultural crops, learning to work with the best samples and the best equipment. They use the experience of world agricultural producers.

In 1998, the company launched new shops for storage and processing of vegetables, and a modern vegetable storehouse. The plan was to launch one vegetable storage facility per year during the following 5 years.


Stage 3

"Development of Vertical Integration and Business Diversification"

(development of diversified business lines)

(1999 - present)



  • The enterprise celebrated 25 years of its activity.
  • Mastering of Dutch technology of onion growing.


  • In January 2000, the company signed a contract with the firm "NVTs BBN" Mongolia for sale of eggs.
  • The number of employees was 1 394 people, including 1 266 workers and 166 specialists, 96 of them had higher education, 70 people had secondary professional education. Specialists improved their qualification by self-education, exchange of work experience with other poultry farms.

On 13 May 2000 the first batch of quails was brought in, the second batch of hatching chicks was brought in November 2004.

Integration transformations started with takeover of farms of Cheremkhovsky District: “Sibir”, “Uzky Lug”, “Nizhnyaya Iret”, “Cheremkhovsky”.

On 16 February 2000, the Pilot-Research Farm “Sibir” joined the company. At that moment “Sibir” owned 7,381 hectares of arable land, 450 cows, milk yield per 1 forage-fed cow was only 2 642 kg. After the merger, new production facilities were commissioned at the farm: a dairy plant producing 15 tons of milk and cream per day; an orchard and a nursery were established. the Pilot-Research Farm “Sibir” was one of the first to receive the status of a breeding farm.

On 05 May 2000, the Pilot-Research Farm “Nizhne-Iretskoye” joined the company, bringing 4 402 hectares of arable land. The area of arable land at joining was hectares.

05 May 2000: The Pilot-Research Farm “Uzkolugskoye” joined the company, bringing 4,860 hectares of arable land.

03 July 2000: A new shop for production of liquid pasteurised eggs was put into operation at “Belorechenskoe”. 

Launch of carrot and beetroot production.

Lumber dryers were brought into operation at the woodworking shop.

Liquid pasteurised egg was included in the catalogue “100 Best Goods of Russia”.

04 December 2000: The Pilot-Research Farm “Cheremkhovskoye” joined the company, bringing 5 203 hectares of arable land.



The Pilot-Research Farm “Khaitinskoye” joined Agricultural JSC “Belorechenskoye”.

December 2001: Construction of a dairy plant in the village of Sosnovka started.


17 May 2002: The Pilot-Research Farm “Petrovskoye” joined the company, bringing 7,563 hectares of arable land, including 4,600 hectares of grain crops and 750 heads cattle.

  • Introduction of the accounting software system Galaktika ERP, which allowed to methodize all business processes.
  • Reconstruction of a fodder shop and a mechanized grain warehouse with a storage capacity of 4400 tons (commissioning of a crushing module).
  • Reconstruction of the slaughterhouse, which allowed to reduce the time of poultry slaughtering by 3 days and increase the production of eggs by 3.9 million.
  • Overhaul of cowsheds in the farms “Sibir” and “Petrovskoe”; construction of a maternity ward at the farm “Cheremkhovskoe” (the village of Uzky Lug).
  • Installation of milking equipment units in the farms “Sibir” and “Cheremkhovsky”.
  • Erection of vegetable storehouse No. 5.
  • UsolyeKhleboProduct LLC (‘Usolye Bread Products”) became a part of Agricultural Open Joint Stock Company (AOJSC) “Belorechenskoe”. The newly-acuired grain storage and processing shop solved the problem of storing and processing grain and packing its own flour.

2002: The service for processing of products was organised. The main task of the service is to process raw materials and produce quality products.

2002: The company created and registered its own trade mark “Belorechye”.

In November 2002, the Sosnovsky Molokozavod (‘Sosnovsky Milk Processing Plant’) supplied its first products.



June 2003: Launch of a convenience meat product department at the poultry slaughtering and processing shop.

2003: Cost estimating department and the refrigeration department were organised.

Two band sawmills were purchased and installed at the woodworking shop.



  • The egg sorting and processing shop was equipped with modern equipment by Stalkatt, Daimond.
  • The construction of a new waste utilisation shop was completed.
  • Three houses for 40 thousand quails were put into operation.
  • Mushroom production facilities were expanded to increase production by 30 tons per year.
  • Mycelium cultivation technology was mastered.
  • The incubator was reconstructed.
  • A shop for packing flour and other bulk materials was put into operation.
  • “Petrovka” Dairy Farm for 400 cows was overhauled and a milk pipeline was installed.
  • Reconstruction of the dairy complex of the "Haita" farm was completed.
  • The "Nensky" complex in the farm "Sibir" for 400 heads was completely reconstructed.
  • “Kocherikovo” branch became a part of Pilot-Research Farm “Petrovskoye”.
  • The Pilot-Research Farm “Belskoe” joined the company.


  • Reconstruction of a cowshed in the village of Kocherikovo.
  • Construction of calf houses in the farms “Cheremkhovskoye” and “Petrovskoye”.
  • The pelmeni dumplings shop produced its first products. 
  • 290 heads of pedigree high-yielding heifers.
  • 100 heads of pedigree breeding sows and boars.
  • June 2005: The company bought the property of a bankrupt dairy plant in Usolye-Sibirskoye with a capacity of 70 tons per day.
  • 11 June 2005:  in Agricultural Open JSC “Belorechenskoye” celebrated International Egg Day for the first time in Pribaikalye and set a Guinness World Record and the Russian Club of Records "Levsha" record in nomination ‘The Most Giant Scrambled Eggs Ever’. In order to fix the record of the world level, it was decided to cook a sunny side up eggs from 11 000 hen's eggs.  The company needed and a special frying pan and produced it itself. In the processing shop, the eggs were washed, counted and prepared for breaking with a special machine. Vadim Goryunov, the chief arbiter of the “Guinness Book of Records” and the chairman of the Russian Record Club “Levsha”, came to the settlement of Belorechensky and recorded the preparation of eggs. Unfavourable weather conditions hindered running the event, the rain was pouring continuously significantly complicating the process of preparation for cooking a giant dish. But thanks to the coordinated work, the team managed to do what had been planned: to evenly heat the frying pan, pour the prepared eggs and make scrambled eggs. It took 48 litres of sunflower oil, 13 kg of salt and 15 kg of herbs to cook the dish.
  • In September the enterprise started publishing its own newspaper ‘The Belorechye’.



  • Reconstruction, construction, modernisation of cattle-breeding premises within the framework of the National Project "Development of Agroindustrial Complex".
  • Installation of grain dryer "Kimbria-1" and installation of 6 grain silos.
  • Implementation of the “Integrated network complex program for automating the activities of the company (corporation) “Galaktika” in terms of accounting for finished products and sales management.


  • A grain dryer "Kimbria -2" with a capacity of 50 tons per hour was installed.
  • 8 grain storage bins of 3,500 tons each were installed.
  • The egg sorting machine was replaced.



  • A site for the production of sausage products was put into operation in the workshop on the basis of building No. 18
  • Energy-saving technologies, a sowing complex, and a navigation system were introduced.
  • 4 stores opened.
  • 4 grain storage bunkers were installed.
  • Through the implementation of the measures of the regional target programme "Development of Agricultural Production in the Irkutsk region for 2006-2008" and the priority national project “Development of the Agro-Industrial Complex” in 2008, a grain-industrial complex for storage and processing of grain in the amount of 60 thousand tons, which was the only one not only in the region, but also in Russia, was put into operation at Agricultural Open OJSC “Belorechenskoe”. Each of the capacities of the complex was able to store the contents of a whole railway train with grain. The main purpose of the construction of the complex was to create a closed cycle of production and processing of grain.
  • May 2008: a subdivision for the production of ready-to-cook meat products with a volume of 6-7 tons per shift and a subdivision for the production of sausages with a production capacity of up to 86 tons per day were opened in the workshop of meat processing in the meat processing workshop of Agricultural Open JSC “Belorechenskoe”. The number of employees in the shop increased to 180 people.
  • From 2000 to 2008, the dairy herd of the enterprise increased 3.3 times. The Agricultural Open JSC “Belorechenskoe” produced 60 tons of milk daily, which was 24% of all milk produced by agricultural enterprises of the Irkutsk region. The farm was awarded the status of a breeding plant, where breeding young stock is raised for agricultural enterprises of the Irkutsk region.


  • A new MOBA egg sorting machine was purchased. 
  • Seventy breeding heifers were brought in.
  • Six stores of own trade were opened, including two in the city of Irkutsk.
  • That year was a big breakthrough in the food processing. The volume of meat processing amounted to 100%.
  • A line for preparing compound feed for cattle was installed.
  • The second line for preparation of mixed fodder for poultry was installed.
  • The company integration process was fully completed.


  • The Cimbria-3 grain dryer was installed.
  • Two barrels for grain storage were assembled, total capacity of the mechanised warehouse totalled 70 thousand tons.
  • Start of construction of a livestock complex for 400 heads in the village of Petrovka.
  • 5 stores opened.
  • 3 separate subdivisions were formed from 6 farms that previously joined “Belorechenskoye”: Experimental Production Farm "Sibir", including farms: "Sibir", "Nezhneiretskoye", "Belskoye"; Experimental Production Farm "Petrovskoye", comprising: "Petrovskoye", "Cheremkhovskoye"; Experimental Production Farm "Khaitinskoye". 
  • Start of construction of Commercial Dairy Farm No. 55 for 432 heads of cattle, with a milking parlour and unattached cows in the village of Belsk.
  • May 2010: A shop for the production of baked goods was put into operation.
  • Reconstruction of incubator No. 3 "Sosnovskoye" department was completed.



  • In the village of Belsk, Building No. 55 of the Commercial Dairy Farm with a milking parlour and 500 cows without tied housing was put into operation.
  • 7 silage trenches with a capacity of 45,000 cubic metres were built.
  • Storage facility No. 5 was reconstructed.
  • Sauerkraut production launched.
  • 2 stores opened.


  • Pectus grain drying and cleaning complexes were installed at Experimental Production Farms “Sibir” and “Petrovskoye”.
  • Potato planting technology was optimised (ridge cutting and planting operations were combined).


  • Reconstruction of poultry breeding equipment at the industrial site was completed.
  • A sandwich panel production shop was commissioned.
  • April 2013: In the village of Belsk, the second building No. 55 for 500 heads of the Commercial Dairy Farm was put into operation (the building was constructed of sandwich panels of the company’s own production).
  • Soft start of electric motors for drying manure in poultry farming was introduced.
  • A reactive energy compensation device was installed at the electric substation.
  • Production of Korean-style carrots, vacuum-packed chopped vegetables and polished carrots was launched.


  • MICROSOFT CRM software was implemented - a system that helps reduce costs and increase the company's income by organising and automating business processes that affect customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • January 2014: Stocking, after reconstruction, of building No. 24 at the Usolye industrial site with laying hens. Livestock: 40 thousand heads (increase in livestock by 8 thousand heads, increase in production by 2.7 million eggs).
  • February 2014: Stocking, after reconstruction, of building No. 37 at the Usolye industrial site with laying hens. Livestock: 52 thousand heads (increase in livestock by 14 thousand heads, increase in production by 4.8 million eggs). 
  • 31 March 2014: For the first time in history of the company, the daily gross output of hen eggs was 1,710,830 eggs.
  • April 2014: Stocking, after reconstruction, of building No. 38 at the Usolye industrial site with laying hens. Livestock: 52 thousand heads (increase in livestock by 14 thousand heads, increase in production by 4.8 million eggs).
  • Reconstruction of building No. 15 of the parent flock of “Sosnovskoye” branch.
  • Buildings No. 3 and No. 4 were joined. Installation of egg-packing machine Mopak-100.
  • By the end of the year the reconstruction of the fodder preparation shop of the “Sosnovskoye” division was completed.
  • The Petkus drying complex was put into operation at the Commercial Dairy Farm “Parshevnikovo”. Capacity: 240 tons of grain per day.
  • A 420-head arch calf house for heifers was put into operation, the third in the Experimental Production Farm “Petrovskoye”.
  • The grain production plan was exceeded by 4,625 tons. Combine harvester Dmitry V. Safronov threshed 4,202 tons of grain on the Tukano combine.
  • 15 September 2014: Combine harvesters of Experimental Production Farm "Petrovskoye" threshed 2 413 tonnes of grain, a record amount.
  • A cow named ‘Samara’ by milkmaid Vera Zakharevich, Commercial Dairy Farm No.4 “Parshevnikovo”, gave 13,714 litres of milk for 305 days of lactation.


  • Development of plans to improve technology and modernise production.


  • The main activities on improvement of technologies were carried out.
  • April 2016 - Agricultural Open Joint Stock Company “Belorechenskoye” was renamed Agricultural Public Joint Stock Company “Belorechenskoye”.
  • 6,320 heads of birds from the parent flock of the ISA Brown cross were imported from Holland.
  • Production of varenniki dumplings with cottage cheese, curd croquettes, milk cocktails were launched.
  • Ultrasound machines to determine the early pregnancy of cows were purchased. 
  • A programme for separate feeding of cows according to their productivity was developed.
  • Vitamin and mineral supplements (bolus form) for dry cows and heifers in the last months of pregnancy were purchased and administered.


  • October: The first batch of brown eggs was produced at the industrial site.
  • The retail trade automation system ASTOR: RETAIL CHAIN was implemented. 
  • DIRECTUM electronic document management system was implemented. 
  • EDI system of goods ordering to the trade network was implemented.
  • The first batch of milk powder was produced.
  • The system of artificial irrigation of vegetables on the area of more than 300 hectares was assembled and launched at Experimental Production Farm “Khaita”.
  • One thousand hectares of rape plant were sown and grown for the first time in the farms "Sibir" and "Petrovskoye". A drying plant and two presses for rapeseed oil production were purchased and installed.
  • The capacity of the egg sorting shop was significantly increased at the poultry farm: a building was constructed for the new STAALKAT sorting machine, which has been in operation since the beginning of May 2017. 


  • 30 June 2018: Agricultural PJSC “Belorechenskoye” set a new record: in the town square of Usolye-Sibirskoye in presence of thousands of people an omelette of 55,000 quail eggs was cooked.
  • 17 July 2018: The company launched a new bottling line for milk (1.4 litres of 3.2% and 3.5% fat content) and sour milk products (yoghurt and milk shake 2.5% 330 grams) at Usolye Dairy Plant in PET bottles.
  • 27 July 2018: A 400-head dairy farm opened in the village of Tabuk (Experimental Production Farm “Sibir”).
  • 01 September 2018: - The first "Tsar Barrel" was put into operation, with a capacity of 6,000 tons of grain and the height of a ten-storey house, it is 100 railway cars, the old barrels held only 3,500 tons each.


  • 01 February 2019: Three poultry workshops at the Usolye industrial site were merged into one. Dmitry A. Naumov was appointed head of the shop.
  • 31 August 2019: Agricultural PJSC “Belorechenskoye” set a record in the Irkutsk region for cooking 350 kg of varenniki dumplings for the 350th anniversary of the city of Usolye-Sibirskoye.
  • 27 September 2019: A shop for the production of milk component for baby and sports nutrition at Usolye Dairy Plant was opened.
  • 14 November 2019: On World Quality Day, the Governor of the Irkutsk Region Sergey G. Levchenko presented Diplomas of the All-Russian competition of the programme "100 Best Goods of Russia" for the products:

Laureate: potable pasteurised GOST milk with mass fraction of fat 3.5% TM "Domasenka" 1.4 litres in a PET bottle.

Diploma winner: sour cream with Dihydroquercetin with mass fraction of fat 20% TM "Domashenka", 350 grams containder.

Winner: pelmeni frying dumplings "Irkutskiye" TM "Belorechye".

Laureate: young hen's egg (special, premium, table) TM "Belorechye".

  • 18 December 2019: The enterprise celebrated its 45th anniversary. 

Achievements of Agricultural PJSC “Belorechenskoye” for 45 years:

  • 16,831,157,000 chicken eggs were produced;
  • 1,600,000 tons of grain were grown;
  • 365,900 tons of vegetables and potatoes were grown;
  • 93,400 tons of meat were produced
  • 570,000 tons of milk were produced;
  • 292 branded shops (131 branded shops under numbers and 161 branded shops of franchisee partners) were opened as of 24 December 2019;
  • wages paid totalled 14,700,000,000,000 rubles;
  • the company paid 6,803,835,000 rubles of taxes;

The company awarded 25 employees with the title ‘Honoured Agricultural Worker’; 13 people were given government awards, orders and medals.

In 2019, the amateur art show (festival) celebrated its 30th anniversary.

In 2019, the tourist gathering at the enterprise was held for the 36th time.

During 45 years, many employees of the enterprise found their love among their colleagues, which resulted in 2,970 official marriages. 5,130 children were born.

As of that day, Agricultural PJSC “Belorechenskoye” was the best agricultural enterprise in the Irkutsk region. It accounted for 25% of the region's output.



  • February 2020: SMK Ice Cream Factory (OOO «FABRIKA MOROZHENOGO SMK») became a resident of the territory of priority socio-economic development in Usolye-Sibirskoye.
  • 08 March 2020: The factory produced its first batch of ice cream. Now SMK Ice Cream Factory produces 14 types of products under the CoolTook trade mark - Baikal ice cream.
  • July 2020: Gavriil S. Frantenko, General Director of Agricultural PJSC “Belorechenskoye” celebrated his 40th anniversary of leadership positions.
  • 01 September 2020: Agricultural Public JSC “Belorechenskoye” was renamed Agricultural Joint Stock Company “Belorechenskoye”.
  • 05 September 2020: Agricultural JSC “Belorechenskoye” set a Russian record for making 7,000 litres of milkshake with blackcurrant jam. The event was held to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Usolye Dairy Plant and the 351st anniversary of the town of Usolye-Sibirskoye.
  • November 2020: Usolye Dairy Plant celebrated its 70th anniversary.
  • November 2020: A new record was set: "The highest cabbage yield for the last 10 years in the Irkutsk Region". 
  • November 2020: On World Quality Day, Igor Kobzev, Governor of the Irkutsk Region, presented Diplomas of the All-Russian competition of the "100 Best Goods of Russia" programme for the following products:
  • Yoghurt 2.5% fat content in assortment, 200- and 400-gram containers  
  • Kefir of 2.5% fat content, 500 grams and 1 litre 
  • Boiled-smoked sausage "Moskovskaya" GOST
  • chicken nuggets.


  • 10 August 2021: - guests from the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Moscow, visited Usolye Dairy Plant to get acquainted with the equipment under the Chestny Znak track & trace digital system.
  • 05 October 2021: Opening of a new Commercial Dairy Farm building in the village of Neny, Cheremkhovsky district.
  • 01 November 2021: The company started selling a novelty: African marbled catfish grown in its experimental shop.
  • 10 December 2021: Awards of the All-Russian competition of the programme "100 Best Goods of Russia" for the products were presented:

1.         Meat product “chilled semi-smoked sausage, category B, "KRAKOVSKAYA"” GOST 31785-2021

2.         Chicken table eggs "Special" enriched with selenium 1st category TU 9840-007-01673787-2016

3.         Semifinished products and culinary products made of cottage cheese: Semifinished frozen cottage cheese curd croquettes TU 9222-119-38826547-2015

4. Cottage cheese with mass fraction of fat 5%, 400 grams, GOST 31453-2013.

  • 18 December 2021:  The company celebrated its 47th birthday.


  • 18 January 2022: The awarding ceremony of the winners of the rating of economic entities of the Irkutsk region was held; according to the results of 2020 Agricultural JSC “Belorechenskoye” was awarded with a Diploma.
  • 21 April 2022: A housewarming party at the Commercial Dairy Farm in the village of Zernovoye, Cheremkhovsky District. After the renovation of the farm, 465 cattle of Holstein breed moved to Zernovoye.
  • 27 April 2022: The enterprise set the Fifth record for cooking 25-metre ‘Tsar Sausage’ on the site of Sibexpocentre in Irkutsk. The event took place within the framework of the Sibfood-2022 exhibition.
  • April 2022: A land plot was selected on the site of the “Zarya” state farm. The laying of foundations and construction of a site for the production of a cell for packing hen's eggs began. Three types of cells: for 30, for 20 and for 10 eggs with a lid. 
  • 25 June 2022: The 37th tourist meeting of the company's teams was held.
  • 12 July 2022: This day 60 years ago Gavriil S. Frantenko, General Director of Agricultural JSC “Belorechenskoye”, began his career.
  • 22 July 2022: The regional holiday “The Day of the Field” was celebrated on the territory of the enterprise. The farm “Siberia” welcomed more than 1000 guests from all over the region. The holiday was held at a high level.

General information about the enterprise:

 (data as of 2021)

- Sales revenue - 8.746 billion rubles.

- Taxes paid - 873 million rubles.

- Number of employees – 3,409 persons.

- Average salary - 49,000 rubles.

- Profit, investments in dynamics: 

              proprietary - 1.2 billion rubles, 

              from the budget - 290.8 million rubles. 

              Total investments are 1.133 billion rubles.

- Taxpayer support of Agricultural JSC “Belorechenskoe” for 1 ruble of revenue - 0.035 rubles (average for the region - 0.73 rubles). 

Labour productivity - 2,565 

Payroll budget - 2.018 billion rubles.


Poultry Farming

The number of laying hens: 1,840 thousand heads.

Productivity per laying hen per year - 358 eggs. The Russian average is 329 eggs.

Production of chicken eggs - 653 million eggs, which is in railway wagons: 1680 wagons, that is 28 full railway trains.

Breed of hens: Dekalb White

Sales of chicken eggs for export to Mongolia - 69 million eggs.


Livestock Production

The number of cattle - 15 800 heads.

Productivity (milk yield per one fodder-fed cow per year) - 8,016 kg. 

Milk production - 54 thousand tons, which is in railway tanks: 1080 tanks, or 27 full railway trains.

Breed of cows: black and white.

Breeding sale per year of heifers and unpregnant cows over one year old - 883 heads, bulls - 158 heads, bulls for the population - 715 heads.


Crop Production

Sown areas - 65,593 hectares, including: 

Cereals - 33,055 hectares

Fodder crops – 16,410 hectares

Rape – 14,527 hectares

Potatoes - 302 hectares

Vegetables - 175 hectares

Fallow - 774 hectares

Grain production - 102 thousand tons, which in railway wagons is 1833 wagons, or equal to 31 railway wagons

Grain yield - 32 centners per hectare 

Rapeseed seeds produced - 25 thousand tons

Rapeseed sold for export to China – 6,901 tons

Production of vegetables and potatoes - 16 thousand tons

Green mass - 150 thousand tons



Milk processed - 54 thousand tonnes

Range of dairy products - 90 items

Processing of meat products - 3.9 thousand tonnes

Assortment of meat and sausage products - 150 items.

Production of bread and bakery products - 1.1 tonnes

Assortment - 90 kinds

Rapeseed oil - 8,800 tons


Logistics and Service Industry

Vehicle/Equipment Shop - 300 units of motor-tractor equipment.

Freight volume in 2021 was 1,226,000 tons.

Engineering and Manucaturing Department as well as Station Technology Centre are a platform for creativity and development of innovative ideas to support sustainable farming.

Work totalling 329 million rubles was carried out.



On the territory of the Siberian Federal District and the Far Eastern Federal District, there are 16 Worker Supply Departments, 11 distribution centers and 497 branded shops of Agricultural JSC “Belorechenskoe”.

Retail turnover of 497 stores accounts for 40% of total sales.

This is 3.520 billion rubles.

Exports - 11 per cent.

Public procurement - 8%.


  • 18 August 2022: A cottage cheese production shop was inaugurated at Usolsky Dairy Plant. The ultra-modern closed-type production line is the only one not only in the Irkutsk region, but also in the Russian Federation.
  • 27 August 2022: On Komsomolskaya Square in Usolye-Sibirskoye, the enterprise set the Sixth record for making the most gigantic sausage with a length of 1 kilometre 353 metres. "Russian" Sausage. GOST P 52 196-2011.
  • 27 August 2022: the city of Irkutsk hosted the Big Festival of My City Music organised by MCM Radio @radiomcm. One of the partners of the festival was Agricultural JSC “Belorechenskoe”.
  • September 2022: the first batches of cells were produced at the company's own production facility. So far 10 thousand pieces are produced per shift. 
  • In early September 2022 “Sosnovskaya” Poultry Farm celebrated its 55th anniversary.
  • 09 September 2022: A meeting with 200 schoolchildren from 60 agro-schools in the Irkutsk region was held at the Perseus Educational Centre. The children are studying under the Federal Project "Success for Every Child" in the concept of continuous agribusiness education.
  • 01 November 2022: Five diplomas and four gold medals of the tasting competition "Irkutsk Brand" - this was the triumphant finale of the participation of "Belorechye" in the regional exhibition "Agricultural Week-2022". The jury gave high marks to the ‘Domashniye’ pelmeni dumplings, cowberry-flavoured yogurt, ‘Firmennye’ sausages, and 9% fat cottage cheese.
  • 10 November 2022:  An awarding ceremony of the All-Russian competition of the ‘100 Best Goods of Russia’ programme in the government of the Irkutsk region was held. The company's products were awarded diplomas:

1. Laureate. Genuine fresh chicken eggs "Domashneye-Belorechye", 1st category, 10-egg package.

2. Diploma winner. Pasteurised milk "Domasenka", mass fraction of fat 3,2%, 1 litre, pur-pack.

3. Diplomant. "Meat cocktail" semi-smoked sausage. 

4. Diplomant. Peach-pear with cereals "Lactinal" sour milk bioproduct, mass fraction of fat 2,5%.

That year 47 enterprises of the region took part in the competition, and only 33 enterprises were admitted to the federal stage (which is almost 30 types of products).

  • 28 November 2022: The Consulate General of Mongolia in Irkutsk held a high-profile awards ceremony. Gavriil Frantenko, a Russian native of the Irkutsk region and founder of one of the leading agricultural enterprises of the region, received the high award "Order of the Polar Star" here! "Order of the Polar Star" is the highest civilian honour that Mongolia can award to a foreign citizen for special merits in strengthening international ties.
  • 02 December 2022: The technical acceptance inspection of building No. 27 at the Usolye industrial site of the poultry farm took place. There’s a reason that building No. 27 became the first building from which the historical stage of reconstruction at Usolye industrial site began, as on 18 December 1974 the first poultry was brought into this very building. And from that year "Belorechenskoe" began its glorious history. On 07 December 2022, more than 57 thousand baby chickens were moved into building No. 27.

The first feature:

The building of the poultry farm is 100% equipped with Big Dutchman equipment produced by a German company.

Here the cage is enlarged and can accommodate 9 birds, and the total number of cages in the building is 6,336.

Before the reconstruction, 49,900 birds were housed in the enclosure.

The size of the building has not changed, it is typical and is 18 metres wide and 96 metres long.

The second feature:

The ventilation was updated, adding side ventilation to the roof ventilation. The technology of the renewed ventilation is as follows: all the exhaust air is discharged through the roof ventilators, and during the warm season, also through the end side wide-bladed fans. Thanks to this, especially in summer, air stagnation in the "dead" areas of the building is avoided.

All processes of microclimate are controlled by a computer, which stores all information about incoming birds (number, weight, etc.), as well as microclimate parameters (air humidity, temperature, fresh air cubature, illumination). In total there are 7 microclimate control sensors in the building. The lighting system is LED by Ivelsi with Dawn-Sunset function.

The third feature:

The construction team built new floors with a system of channels and slopes for water drainage into two autonomous cesspools, made side windows for fresh air inflow, and replaced slating on the roof with insulation of one layer of mineral wool board.

All construction work was carried out under the close supervision of the Big Dutchman tecjnical supervisor. The quality of materials is at a very high level.

The renovated building is operated by 2 people: a mechanic-operator and a poultry housekeeper.

Reconstruction will allow to increase labour productivity and salary of the staff.

We wish to the workers of the building good luck and high production results. Bon voyage!

  • 18 December 2022: The enterprise turned 48 years old.



  • 11 January 2023: Launch of a new product: semi-smoked cervelat sausage "Crimean".
  • 20 January 2023: A delegation from Mongolia headed by Consul General Jigmed Enkhjargal paid a working visit to Agricultural JSC “Belorechenskoe”. The guests visited a new curd shop at Usolsky Dairy Plant, SMK Ice-Cream Factory and the egg-sorting warehouse. As part of the visit, the delegation held talks on expanding co-operation between our countries.
  • 26 January 2023: The first in the new year report interview with Stepan Frantenko about the results of the company's work in 2022. It was aired on Russia1 in the programme "Morning of Russia" and on Russia24 TV channels. 
  • 17 February 2023: A company store No. 138 was opened in the town of Tulun.
  • 14, 15, 16 March 2023: Three days of video shooting “With Love from Native Belorechye!” commercials. 
  • 25 April 2023: The results of the exhibition Sibprodovolstvie-2023 (Siberian Food-Stuffs-2023), diploma to the gold medal: 
  • chicken delicatessen sticks, 600 grams.
  • yoghurt with blackcurrant flavour, 330 grams, PET.
  • semi-smoked cervelat sausage "Crimean", 450 grams.
  • bread "Malyutka", 300 grams.
  • May 2023: Launch of advertising campaign "With Love from Native Belorechye!".
  • 10 May 2023: Celebration of the 85th anniversary of Gavriil S. Frantenko, General Director of Agricultural JSC “Belorechenskoe”. The staff made a present - a film "The Wonderful Life of Gavriil Frantenko". Watch it on the Youtube channel of Agricultural JSC “Belorechenskoe”.
  • 27 May 2023: My City Music Festival was held at the Fashionable Quarter shopping mall in Irkutsk. Sponsored by Agricultural JSC “Belorechenskoe”. 
  • 12 June 2023: The company took part in the Day of Russia celebrations in Irkutsk.
  • 17 June 2023: The company took part in the first Ice Cream Festival in Irkutsk.
  • 23 June 2023: The company took part in the All-Russian fair "Work of Russia" in Irkutsk.
  • 27-28 June 2023: Regional stage of the All-Russian competition of the 100 Best Goods of Russia programme.
  • April-November 2023: Repair works, equipment procurement, training, etc. for the opening of a new department for semi-hard cheese production at Usolye Dairy Plant.
  • 21 July 2023: Agricultural JSC “Belorechenskoye” was awarded as the winner in the nomination "The Best Project in the Sphere of Popularisation of Healthy Nutrition" in the category: City Residents, "Domashenka" trade mark with 11 types of milk.

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